Drug and Alcohol Policy

Hercules Site Services Ltd is committed to health and safety and we ensure that our employees and those affected by our work are not put at risk. To assist in the safe performance of our duties, Hercules operates a strict policy of no alcohol and no drugs in the workplace.

The purpose of this policy is to acquaint employees with their obligations in respect of drugs and alcohol at work and to remove the issues that arise from the misuse of drugs and alcohol. This statement sets out the policy of the company in compliance with the current version of Group Standard RIS-8070-TOM and is enacted through Company Standard NR/L1/OHS/051 which is supplemented by NR/L2/OHS/00120 in respect of any employee, self-employed person or contractor under our control.

For their own safety, that of colleagues and members of the public, any employee that believes that another member of staff is under the influence of drugs or alcohol should report it immediately to a member of the management team.

Should any employee be taking a medication for health reasons, whether prescribed or not, they must inform their supervisor and management immediately. Hercules Site Services shall endeavour to provide help and support if any issues or problems are disclosed, and all matters shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Information and Testing

Hercules Site Services Ltd will provide all employees with a written copy of the Drug and Alcohol Policy.

In accordance with Hercules Drug & Alcohol Procedure HSP 22, to ensure that this policy is being adhered to, the Company undertakes testing as standard at recruitment stage. The Company also reserves the right to undertake testing where there is reasonable suspicion that someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, randomly and/or following an incident. Employees must agree to medical checks (routine, unannounced/random, or “for cause”, in line with the criteria detailed in the Group and Company standards listed above) to verify compliance. Refusal or failure to pass any test will be classed as gross misconduct.


The use, possession, consumption or selling of illegal drugs as well as the misuse of prescribed drugs on company premises or on site, or to report to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be treated with zero tolerance and result in disciplinary action that could result in dismissal. A refusal to co-operate with the Company in respect of testing will result in the individual being suspended from all work pending a full investigation. In the specific case of rail working, should any employee fail a drug/alcohol test then they will be automatically suspended and not allowed to reapply for a rail-related qualification to work on the rail infrastructure for a minimum of 5 years.

This policy applies to all Hercules Sites Services employees and operatives.

The Managing Director shall review this policy annually or following significant changes.

Brusk Korkmaz
Managing Director
Hercules Site Services Ltd

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