Digitising recruitment and workforce management

With our cost-effective, ready to use core solution comprised of our mobile application and web-based portal and our collaborative, user led approach, we can utilise our experience in the digital arena to deliver a bespoke solution to you. We will work closely with you throughout the design and development process to customise our solution to your team’s requirements and ensure that you have a system that fully meets your needs.

Hercules & your digital transformation

As the construction industry matures within the digital arena, Hercules Digital will help;

  • Identify areas for improvement that provide maximum benefit

  • Assess the impact of transformation on your current processes

  • Analyse best use of technology and ensure new solutions are fit for purpose

  • Provide technical skills and know-how to efficiently deliver your digital change

  • Take a user focused approach, ensuring customer experience leads design

  • As a collaborative partner to deliver the best solutions for your business

  • Support the measurement of performance and continuous improvement


Our Apps

Hercules Recruitment

Our unique app, launched in October 2019, provides our users with a quick and easy way to register with Hercules and allows them to be notified of and apply for jobs that are relevant to them and in their local area.

By providing our users with much greater flexibility in their search for construction jobs and offering them an additional method of communicating with our recruitment team via our app, we have greatly increased the number of candidates registering with us and significantly increased the efficiency of our internal recruitment processes.

In addition, we are now able to efficiently and securely collect the information we need from our work force to enable us to provide powerful data analytics to our own teams and to our clients and their projects.

Picture of App
  • Provides flexibility for the workforce.
  • Aids local employment by targeting specific sites.
  • Reduces fatigue related issues, commuting and hours worked.
  • Speeds up the recruitment process.
  • A game-changer appealing to a digitally savvy population.
  • Ability to target certain areas and demographics where projects are, or are about to start.
  • Quick and easy communication directly to candidates and workforce.
  • Real time reporting via our analytics, providing EDI data, fatigue management and local workforce numbers.
  • Cost efficiency with the potential to reduce hiring costs.

Hercules One Team

  • User centric design to ensure a smooth journey.
  • Reduce cost with a paperless process.
  • Quick and efficient onboarding.
  • Capture proof of tickets and right to work documentation.
  • Integrated with central workforce management solution.
  • Our integrated e-sign solution ensures every person that works for us has all of their contract documentation.

Developed in conjunction with our workers and our Operations and HR Teams to deliver a seamless onboarding experience for all workers joining Hercules. People are used to managing their lives in a modern, digital way and facilitating this in construction is further demonstration of our people first, forward-thinking approach.

Utilising the data we collect during recruitment/registration, our new workers can upload copies of their Right To Work documentation and training certification enabling our teams to conduct earlier checks.Our paperless process allows us to efficiently onboard new workers completely digitally, reducing travel requirements and wasted time completing paper forms and ensuring quicker delivery on our client’s requirements.