The fully equipped mobile trailer can be on site for any duration to ensure the safe and secure implementation of all workers on your site.

Hercules have added the solution to our growing list of professional services to fully enhance our offering to the industry we operate in and keep us in line with our client’s exact needs and requirements.

We aim to constantly raise our standards and lead the market with taking initiatives. We believe this is a very good opportunity for us to engage our joint workforce and show them how important their health and well-being is for our organisation. Using our trailer will also make the pre-induction process very efficient to help main contractors with the project programme. There will be a faster and more efficient turnaround on the medical certificates.

There are many advantages to having a health screening solution at your site, not simply limited to the health and well-being of the workers. Other benefits include preventing accidents, reducing cases of work related ill health and improving business performance by having a motivated workforce.

Health Screening options

We provide the Health Screening options as below:

Safety Critical Medical

Health Surveillance Medical

Wellbeing Medical

Drug & Alcohol Test

The following test can be carried out within our trailer
as part of out medical assessments

Vision test

Colour & Distance

Hearing Test



Lung function test


Peak Flow

Safety Critical Medicals

Alcohol & Drug Testing

Height/Weight/BMI & Blood Pressure

Confined Space Medical Testing

Advantages of on-site health screening

  • Prevent accidents
  • Reduce cases of work related ill health
  • Improve Business performance
  • Increased motivation