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Whether you’re looking for new opportunities or wish to simply register your details with us, the exciting Hercules Recruitment App is a game-changer. Downloading the App couldn’t be easier, just go to your relevant App Store and search for ‘Hercules Construction Jobs’ once it’s been downloaded you can begin the quick & Simple registration process.

Why develop an App for the Construction Industry?

We identified several industry problems which we felt the introduction of the App would help to address:

  • Limited flexibility in the construction industry.
  • Huge skills and labour shortage.
  • Long commute times which negatively impacts on fatigue management.
  • Losing the younger generation to other more appealing sectors such as tech.
  • Lack of technology in the industry.
  • Very little readily available workforce data.
  • Lack of diversity and inclusion.
  • Provides flexibility for the workforce.
  • Aids local employment by targeting specific sites.
  • Reduces fatigue related issues, commuting and hours worked.
  • Speeds up the recruitment process.
  • A game-changer appealing to a digitally savvy population.
  • Ability to target certain areas/demographics where projects are, or are about to start.
  • Quick and easy communications to candidates and workforce.
  • Real time reporting via our analytics, providing EDI data, fatigue management and local workforce numbers.
  • Cost efficient with potential to reduce hiring costs.