Personal Harassment Policy

As an organisation we deplore all forms of personal harassment and seek to ensure that the working environment is sympathetic to all our employees. Harassment or victimisation on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation is unacceptable.

We have published our Personal Harassment Policy and Procedure to inform employees of the type of behaviour that is unacceptable and provide employees who are the victims of personal harassment with a means of redress.

We have zero tolerance with regards to any lack of respect to any other member of our company and we recognise that we have a duty to implement this policy and all employees are expected to comply with it. We acknowledge that personal harassment can exist in the workplace, as well as outside, and that this can seriously affect employees’ working lives by interfering with their job performance or by creating a stressful, intimidating and unpleasant working environment.


Examples of Personal Harassment:

Personal harassment takes many forms ranging from tasteless jokes and abusive remarks to pestering for sexual favours, threatening behaviour and actual physical abuse. Whatever form it takes, personal harassment is always taken seriously and is totally unacceptable. Employees may not always realise that their behaviour constitutes harassment. Personal harassment is unwanted behaviour by one employee towards another and examples of harassment include:

  • insensitive jokes and pranks;
  • lewd or abusive comments about appearance;
  • deliberate exclusion from conversations;
  • displaying abusive or offensive writing or material;
  • unwelcome touching; and abusive, threatening or insulting words or behaviour.


These examples are not exhaustive and disciplinary action at the appropriate level will be taken against employees committing any form of personal harassment.

The responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with the Managing Director. The Managing Director shall review this policy annually or following significant changes.


Brusk Korkmaz
Managing Director
Hercules Site Services Ltd

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