Why choose suction excavators?

Safer methods of working – Hercules places the health, safety & wellbeing of our workforce at the very heart of what we do. Our Vac Ex machines are safer and reduce the risk of incidents and injuries to digging teams as well as providing the opportunity for fewer operatives on site who can maintain safer spacing whilst carrying out their work.

Less risk of project delays due to service strikes – Eliminating utility and cable strikes is of utmost importance. Suction Excavators are proven to drastically reduce the risk of this happening, therefore minimising any costs due to delays.

Cost effective – Suction Excavators are safer, quicker and a much more efficient use of resources than the utilisation of a workforce with multiple trades using traditional plant and equipment, which can be expensive and slow.

Efficient use of manpower – Suction Excavators are operated by a self-contained team of 1-2 highly skilled operators, trained to the highest standards (CPCS–A78 and EUSR).

Protecting the Environment – There are multiple benefits to using Suction Excavators rather than traditional equipment and plant, including less impact on site and leaving a cleaner work area, as well as fewer vehicle movements on site, which in turn reduces carbon footprint on a project.

As signatories of the Supply Chain Sustainability School Plant Commitment Charter we are committed to reducing the air quality and greenhouse gas emissions and the negative impacts they cause from the construction plant and equipment (CPE) that we use. As members of the Plant Category Group within the School, we follow the minimum standards laid out when purchasing CPE.

Therefore we have invested in the finest suction excavation technology from Germany, renowned globally as market leaders in the manufacture of these machines.

Hire our suction excavators now!

Contact our Suction Excavator Business Manager, Wayne Phillips, on 07955 081553 or 01793 686224 to discuss options on vacuum excavator hire

Client Testimonial

"Throughout the years I’ve used Hercules. I have always found their commitment and professionalism of their services to be of a very high standard and are able to fulfil any client’s needs in a timely manner. I would recommend Hercules to any company without hesitation."

- Eight2O